Treatment Process

Primary Treatments and Services (Cont.)


Psychotherapy, otherwise known as talk therapy, is a method of mental health treatment aimed at helping people with a variety of psychiatric disorders and stressors. Therapy can help reduce suffering, provide a different method of conceptualizing difficult situations, improve problem-solving skills, help individuals achieve their respective goals, and increase overall quality of life. Furthermore, according to the National Institutes of Health, there is growing evidence showing the relationship and importance of understanding the mind-body connection. In other words, understanding the bidirectional relationship between human thought, feeling, behavior, and physical wellbeing.

At Bridge Medical, each mental health professional collaborates with patients to carefully devise a treatment plan using a variety of evidence-based psychotherapies in accordance with his or her training and expertise. Evidence-based therapy uses psychological techniques based on empirical scientific research. Traditionally, evidence-based psychotherapy is structured, goal-oriented, and present-focused. It has been shown as an effective treatment for a variety of comorbid psychiatric and medical conditions. The focus of treatment varies depending on each individual’s presenting concerns and can be provided in an individual and/or group format as needed.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between a trained mental health professional and patient in psychotherapy with a focus on improving his or her subjective emotional wellbeing, stress management, and coping strategies. Individuals seek therapy for a variety of reasons, such as to process major life stressors/adjustments or to increase self-knowledge and growth. At Bridge Medical, our providers’ work with patients on a one-to-one basis in a safe and confidential environment to explore stressors, set goals, and provide each patient with the tools to increase their autonomy and overall emotional well being.

Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that involves one or more therapists working with a group of patients to discuss common problems and challenges. Group therapy provides a platform to help individuals with emotional difficulties through interactive and constructive feedback, a supportive environment of peers with similar experiences, and reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation. As each patient has a unique approach to learning, our team provides therapy material in various formats (e.g. paper, smart-phone application, audio/video presentation etc).

Psychotherapy for TBI/Concussion

Bridge Medical provides psychotherapy for a number of patients diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and/or concussion.Often times, post brain injury, many patients commonly experience difficulties controlling emotions (“mood swings”) for a variety of reasons, personality changes, and/or challenges adjusting to significant changes in relationships and responsibilities. As a result, patients may experience depression, anxiety, anger, and a general sense of loss. Far too often, coping with a brain injury and/or mental illness is often categorized under the umbrella of being diagnosed with an invisible illness; however, as providers, Bridge Medical is determined to educate, advocate for, and empower each patient to maximize their recovery.