Treatment Process

  • Referral
Attorneys and doctors within the Company’s extensive network refer patients to Bridge Medical.
  • Evaluation
Patients enter the program through a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment.
  • Review
Following the evaluation, a comprehensive written report, together with statistical scoring, is provided to the patient and referring physician or attorney.
  • Treatment Plan
If cognitive or psychological treatment is recommended,
Bridge Medical will develop a personalized treatment program
for the patient based upon his or her unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Treatment
One course of cognitive treatment is typically composed of four to six hours of weekly therapy, across a span of six to twelve months. Psychotherapy, if needed, can be administered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Progress
Cognitive rehabilitation assistants record each patient’s daily progress. Psychologists on staff also regularly assess patients and closely oversee all ongoing treatments.
  • Re-Evaluation
Following the first course of treatment, after approximately six months, Bridge Medical conducts a re-evaluation to assess the patient’s language and cognitive improvements. It is common for Bridge Medical to recommend a brief course of treatment that lasts less than one to three months to treat residual deficits.
  • Professional Assistance
Bridge Medical’s staff assists the patients on school/job-related tasks as-needed, and helps the patients with not only the cognitive
retraining course, but also the demands of daily life. Bridge Medical’s goal is to restore patients to the highest level of function possible.
  • Legal Resources
Finally, Bridge Medical works closely with patients’ attorneys to facilitate the resolution of legal and insurance matters throughout the
treatment process.