Externship Training Program

Clinical Psychology Externship Training Program
Neuropsychology and Psychology Rotation 2020-2021

Bridge Medical is a private outpatient center dedicated to the scientific study of brain-behavior relationship and the training of graduate students in the field of neuropsychology and psychology. Bridge Medical provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, cognitive remediation treatment, and psychotherapy for adults and children who struggle with cognitive deficits, particularly Traumatic Brain Injury. Neuropsychology is a subspecialty of clinical psychology that is focused on understanding the brain–behavior relationship. Neuropsychology seeks to uncover the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional difficulties that can result from known or suspected brain dysfunction. Neuropsychological evaluation
consists of a comprehensive examination of cognitive and behavioral functioning. Evaluations comprise measures that are standardized, scored objectively, and have established psychometric properties. The
duration of testing takes approximately 2-4 hours. The neuropsychological evaluation includes a clinical interview with the patient, a collateral interview with caregivers/family, and review of relevant medical records. The evaluation is administered by paper and pencil and computer-based assessments and measures a patient’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

The multiple areas of cognition that are assessed:
• intelligence
• attention
• executive functioning
• working memory
• speed of processing
• learning and memory
• visual spatial skills
• fine motor skills

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Bridge Medical offers cognitive treatment that consists of exercises through the use of computer softwares based on a number of theoretical models of cognitive functions, for example, attention,
memory, executive function, memory among others cognitive domains. The parameters usually monitored in the cognitive rehabilitation interventions used at the Bridge Medical include reaction time, level of exercise difficulty, average number of correct responses, and average number of incorrect responses, among others. The proportion of successes in any session is closely monitored by our trained therapists.
The overall purpose is to restore, reinforce, compensate and teach compensatory strategies in order to reach optimal cognitive improvement.

At Bridge Medical psychotherapy, otherwise known as talk therapy, is a method of mental health treatment aimed at helping people with a variety of psychiatric disorders and stressors post-traumatic
brain injury. Therapy can help reduce suffering, provide a different way of conceptualizing a difficult situation, improve problem-solving skills, help individuals achieve their respective goals, and increase
overall quality of life. Furthermore, according to the National Institutes of Health, there is growing evidence to show the relationship and importance of understanding the mind-body connection. In other words, understanding the bidirectional relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and
physical wellbeing.

Externship Training Program
Bridge Medical is designed to be an intensive, clinically-rich experience, combined with an academic curriculum which includes seminars, literature reviews, and case studies. It is a 5 to 6 months program, with at least 750 hours of extern participation. Ongoing guidance, support and supervision by a senior staff psychologist while services are being performed by the extern is a very important feature of the program. Two hours of face to face supervision with the Director of Clinical Training and one hour of supervision with a Clinical Supervisor is provided weekly to the extern.

Program at the Bridge Medical is to train highly qualified doctoral level clinical neuropsychologists/psychologist who will have very well-developed expertise in the selection, administration, and interpretation of neuropsychological/psychological instruments, and who are able to intervene effectively on behalf of their patients and their families through the use of cognitive rehabilitation, and psychotherapy. Our mission is to provide the best quality of patient care service. The extern at the Bridge Medical obtains a total of two weekly hours of supervision from two licensed psychologists. Two weekly hours of clinical face to face supervision are received from the Director of Clinical Training. In addition to this, the extern participates in ongoing guidance and support by staff
psychologists throughout their training. The responsibility for all procedures implemented with the patients at Bridge Medical rests on the member of the professional team (staff psychologists, ChiefPsychologist, Director of Clinical Training, or Clinical Supervisors) to whom the case has been assigned
upon arrival at the facility. Extern at the Bridge Medical will receive written evaluations by the assigned Clinical Supervisor and by
the Director of Clinical Training at the end of the training program. Such evaluation is based on parameters relevant to the extern’s clinical and nonclinical activities established during the supervisory
procedures. These parameters are reflected by the Neuropsychology/Psychology Extern Evaluation.

Bridge Medical offers a neuropsychology and psychology externship training program. The training program is committed to the recruitment of culturally ethnically diverse externs. We encourage inquiries and applications from all qualified individuals.

Please see requirements below:

Bridge Medical
418 East 71st street, New York, NY 10021
Number of Slots: 1
Time Commitment: 30 to 35 hours per week
Date: Spring Semester/ Fall Semester
● be enrolled in at least the 3rd
year of an APA accredited Doctoral Program in Clinical,
Psychology, Neuropsychology, Counseling, or Health (so must be at least 2nd
year at the
time of application)
● have completed coursework in cognitive assessment and personality assessment
● have completed coursework in clinical neuropsychological assessment
● have experience with child, adolescent and adult assessment
● have proof of malpractice coverage: must be provided by the extern’s training institution
or by the extern prior to the start date
● be available to start the externship on January 6th
, 2021 (Spring Program) or August 3rd, 2021 (Fall Program) and the following two weeks for MANDATORY ORIENTATION
● completion of the attestation form with signature
● Trainees selected for externship will be subject to drug screening and criminal
background checks. Unacceptable results on the criminal background check or drug
screening may result in dismissal from the program.
Application Procedures
A completed application consists of the following materials:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. One letter of recommendation
  3. List of neuropsychological/psychological assessments with experience
    Estimated Weekly Schedule
    In a typical week, the extern will spend two full work days week in direct collaboration
    with a staff psychologist in the process of selection, administration, scoring, and
    interpretation of neuropsychological instruments as well as writing reports based on
    neuropsychological evaluation procedures, two full work days in direct patient intervention
    performing services cognitive rehabilitation and one day in direct patient intervention performing
    services of individual psychotherapy. Weekly didactic activities are held on Tuesdays followed
    by an hour of staff meeting in which relevant administrative and
    patient coordination issues are discussed. Two hours of face-to-face supervision with the
    Director of Clinical Training and one hour of supervision with a designated Clinical
    Supervisor are provided weekly to the extern. An approximation of the extern’s weekly
    training activities are shown below. Specific clinical activities may vary somewhat depending on
    the extern interest.
    Bridge Medical
    418 East 71st street, New York, NY 10021
    Service Activities Hours/Week
    Direct Face-to-Face Patient Intervention: 18
  • -cognitive rehabilitation
  • individual psychotherapy
    Neuropsychological Evaluation: 12
  • selection
  • administration
  • scoring
  • interpretation of neuropsychological instruments
  • report writing
    Training Activities
  • Individual Supervision with Director of Clinical Training 2
  • Individual Supervision with Clinical Supervisor 1
  • Didactic Activities 1
    Other Activities
  • Administrative Issues /Coordination/ Discussion 1
  • Miscellaneous Administrative Responsibilities 1

Total Hours/Week 36

Email Application to:
Dr. Karen Valdesuso, PsyD
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Bridge Medical
418 East 71st street, New York, NY 10021